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WHO HE IS: A classically trained vocalist from Nassau, New Providence, The Bahamas

WHY WE FOLLOWED: We initially got hooked on a work-in-progress series of pencil sketches depicting a Chemex pour-over coffeemaker and a fresh cuppa. Then, in early April, he posted a video of himself singing while he was drawing. Turns out Tychiko is a rising star in the opera and art-song genres, with a raft of awards and competition prizes. He’s also a doctoral candidate at Arizona State University and, for good measure, an Amputee Coalition peer visitor and youth counselor. His Instagram feed is visually and aurally rich; his captions, while brief, often get us thinking.

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IN HIS OWN WORDS: April 1, day one of Limb Loss Awareness Month: “As I’ve grown up and navigated being in this life, I’ve questioned so many things, from my music, my art, my sexuality, religion, so many things. I still question all this regularly. However, I don’t remember ever bringing into question why I am an amputee. I don’t remember ever asking my mom or dad why I was made this way. I realized quickly that the way I am has the potential to positively influence other people and their views of people around them. Regardless of your differences, you can be a person of influence and change in this world. Don’t get me wrong, being an amputee is not easy. However, it’s normal, it’s beautiful, and
it’s okay.

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IMAGES: All images courtesy of Tychiko Cox.