We’ve been fans of Aristotle Domingo’s AmpuTO podcast since he launched it last year. So we were thrilled to land a guest spot for Episode #1 of the show’s new season. It just went live yesterday; you can tune in here.

In addition to being one of Canada’s strongest advocates for people with limb loss and other disabilities, Domingo is active in two of our favorite activities: entertainment and sports. We focused on the latter subject during the podcast, which begins with a conversation about whether (and to what degree) the just-concluded Tokyo Paralympics generated enough buzz to influence broader cultural understandings of disability. Domingo, who is himself an accomplished track and field athlete and spokesperson (he won ParaSport Ontario’s 2020 Ambassador of the Year award), has very well-informed insights about where progress is occurring, where the best opportunities for future growth lie, and where the greatest challenges remain.

After we’d finished taping, Domingo let it slip that we might have seen the back of his head in one of the commercials that aired during the Paralympics. We didn’t realize this, but Domingo is also an accomplished actor who with a growing list of credits in TV shows and advertising. He’s got some entertaining stories about the perils of acting as an amputee. Keep an eye out for more on that subject in a future newsletter or Amplitude print edition.

Or, if you prefer, log in to Amplitude‘s session on amputees in the movies at the Amputee Coalition National Conference at the end of this month. It’s titled “Lights, Camera . . . Amputees,” and it will feature several limb-different actors who are developing scripts and TV pilots to bring ownership of amputees’ narrative where it belongs: with amputees. The final conference agenda hasn’t been released yet, so we don’t know exactly what day / time we’ll be hosting that panel. Stay tuned for details.

Finally, if you haven’t had a chance to watch our appearances on COSI Talks during the Paralympics, they’re still available for viewing. If you go back and watch the August 25 show, you can see how spectacularly inaccurate we were in some of our predictions about Paralympic medals. On the September 1 show we were joined by the ever-knowledgeable and always insightful John Register, a Paralympic silver medalist and powerful voice for people with limb loss.