Podcasts come and podcasts go. Most don’t last. That’s because most podcasters don’t realize how much work it takes to produce a good show. Before you ever press “record,” you’ve got to spend time lining up guests, chasing sponsors, seeking publicity. You need to bone up on subject matter and prepare a rough outline, maybe even a script. After the episode’s recorded you need to edit, normalize the audio, fix the poppy plosives and sloppy sibilants, and deal with other post-production tasks.

After all that work, you’re faced with the fact that there are only so many pairs of ears to go around. Plenty of well-produced podcasts with high-quality content have faded away before they’ve had a chance to find their audience.

That’s why we’re calling attention to some brand-new podcasts by, for, and about people with limb difference. All deserve your attention for at least one episode. We hope all of these shows can last as long as the well-established amputee podcasts we’ve listed at the bottom of the post.

Logo for AmpuTO, a podcast for amputees
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Host: Aristotle Domingo
About: Domingo spent 15+ years battling to save his legs, losing one in 2017 and the other in 2019. Since becoming an amputee he’s emerged as a high-profile activist and co-founder of the Amputee Coalition of Toronto, while still finding time to run, golf, travel, and fundraise. He brings the same upbeat, high-impact energy to his podcast, which just launched last month and is off to a mighty impressive start. Highly recommended.
Debuted: July 20, 2020; five episodes through August 17.
Schedule: Weekly; livestreamed every Monday at 8 p.m. EDT. Episodes run about 60 minutes.
Notable guests: Yoga guru Marsha Danzig; osseointegration trailblazer Peter Tucker

Logo for The Socket, a podcast for amputees
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The Socket

Host: Van Tucker
About: The Socket has rolled out six episodes so far this year after a pilot segment in 2019. It’s produced by Solati Health, but this is far from an infomercial for Solati products. Guests and subject matter vary widely, with a general focus on health, wellness, and quality of life. There’s a dash of tech evolution and innovation thrown in. If you’re curious which prosthetic arm best equips you to uncork a bottle of wine, this is the show for you.
Debuted: May 20, 2020; six episodes through July 28.
Schedule: Irregular. Segments run about 30 minutes.
Notable guests: Model Ashley Young, endurance athlete Patrick Progressive, Coapt ambassador Heather Harms

Logo for The Active Amputee, a podcast for amputees
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The Active Amputee

Host: Bjorn Eser
About: Technically this isn’t a “new” show. Eser launched it in the summer of 2019, but he got diverted after just three episodes and wasn’t able to get the show back on track until this year. He’s off to a strong (re)start, welcoming guests from India, the UK, and the United States. Like his popular blog, Eser’s podcast stands out for the host’s wide-ranging interests and international, multicultural outlook. Check out his hacks for amputee hikers here.
Debuted: July 2019, and relaunched May 2020; five episodes through July 31.
Schedule: New shows monthly. Episodes run 20 to 60 minutes.
Notable guests: Indian disability rights activist Malvika Iyer; adventure athlete Josh Senior

Logo for The Amputee Diaries, a podcast for amputees
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Amputee Diaries

Host: Andrew Skinner, LAKA
About: A former Paralympic hopeful for Great Britain in sitting volleyball, Skinner launched the podcast as an extension of his YouTube channel. He initially meant the show to be somewhat of a travelogue, chronicling his world travels, but the pandemic has kept him at home in Great Britain all summer. Like most of us, he’s found a way to make quarantine work. Tune in to find out how.
Debuted: April 26, 2020; 10 episodes through August 1.
Schedule: Irregular; new episodes appear roughly every other week. Most episodes run from 15 to 30 minutes.
Sample show topics: Romantic relationships; phantom pain; employment; prosthetics.

Logo for Daily Dose of Orange Juice, a podcast for amputees
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A Daily Dose of Orange Juice

Host: Leslie Green
About: A community care coordinator for Hanger Clinics, Green lost her right leg in 2016 and her left in 2018. She’s also an Amputee Coalition support group organizer and a certified Lead Advocate for the state of Minnesota. Despite losing both of her limbs due to questionable medical care, Green is a relentless believer in the power of positive thinking. Tune in for encouragement, an attitude adjustment, and a range of practical tips and life hacks for amputees.
Debuted: March 25, 2020; 22 episodes through August 9
Schedule: New shows weekly. Most episodes run about 10 minutes.
Sample show topics: Motivation; acquiring self-confidence; dealing with frustration

Amputee Podcasts: Old Favorites

While you’re checking out the new shows, don’t forget to support these long-running podcasts about limb loss:

Amp Life Talk Radio: Now in its fourth season, Sean Harrison’s wide-ranging show is streamed live every Wednesday evening and has a new call-in line. LISTEN

Inside ParaSport: Hosted by US Paralympic gold medalists Katie Holloway and Kelly Crowley, the show features guests from multiple sports in multiple countries, providing an intimate, informal, humanizing gilmpse at elite global competitors. LISTEN

Life’s New Normal: This series is up to 160+ episodes’ worth of stories, insights, engaging guests, and life lessons from Desert Storm veteran and Paralympic medalist John Register. LISTEN

Mindset Athlete: British double amputee and Paralympic athlete James Roberts lands hard-charging, high-intensity guests from throughout the world of sports, both adaptive and able-bodied. LISTEN

ReVamp’d: Although it ended when host Brian Moser died in 2018, this pioneering show remains relevant and well worth revisiting (or discovering for the first time). LISTEN