We’re halfway through our series of Take Back Tuesday interviews with amputee entrepreneurs. If you didn’t catch John Robinson last week or Damian Kevitt last night, both episodes are well worth a listen.

Next Tuesday, while you’re mashing potatoes and crushing cranberries in advance of the big Thursday feast, tune in to hear from amputee jeans maven Erica Cole. A couple years ago, she showed up at the Amputee Coalition’s conference in San Antonio wearing a hand-sewn prototype of her denim duds and a T-shirt that said, “Ask me about my pants.” The idea took off from there, culminating in a triumphant Kickstarter campaign that launched her new company, No Limbits. Cole is a sterling example of how amputees are influencing the inclusive apparel business not only as consumers, but also as creators.

Tune in next Tuesday at 7 pm Eastern @thelinerwand on Instagram Live. Here’s the full lineup for the month, with links to previous shows and dates for upcoming ones:

* November 2: Joan MacDonald, Socket Socks
* November 9: John Robinson, JobsAbility
* November 16: Damian Kevitt, Streets Are for Everyone
* November 30: Jerris Madison, Obvious Magazine