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AARP Opposes the White House’s Proposed Budget

In a statement on May 23 following the release of the White House’s proposed budget, AARP Executive Vice President Nancy LeaMond opposed cuts that she says would harm American families:

“AARP opposes the budget proposed today because it explicitly harms the very people we are counting on the President to protect. Today’s budget proposes to cut Social Security benefits, as well as funding for critical health, hunger, housing, and transportation assistance to low- and middle-income seniors. This budget sends a powerful message to older Americans and their families that their health and financial security is at risk.”


“We do want to acknowledge the Administration’s paid-leave proposal,” LeaMond added. “Although it must be improved so that it addresses the workplace needs of all family caregivers, we hope that it leads to a national conversation about ways to support family caregivers in the workplace.”