Tyler Turner is an amputee skydiver and wingsuit pilot.

Amputee Skydiving 101

“I think every amputee should try skydiving,” says Tyler Turner. Easy for him to say. A veteran of hundreds of ...
Amputee Coalition National Conference 2020

Amputee Coalition Conference: 6 Don’t-Miss Sessions

The Amputee Coalition has released the preliminary schedule for 2020 National Conference, and we’re pleased to find a number of ...

Disability Film Challenge Melanie Waldman

Disability Film Challenge: Amputee Filmmakers

Finalists from this year's Easter Seals Disability Film Challenge are due to be announced on Saturday, August 8, and the ...


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PUSHLiving is a lifestyle magazine for people with disabilities, including amputees.

PUSH Notification

PUSHLiving magazine offers entertaining takes on healthy, adaptive, inclusive living. The voices are confident, assertive, funny and downright salty at ...
Below-elbow amputee Melanie Waldman co-starred in The Vanished and hosts live yoga sessions on Facebook.

Instagram Amputees: Melanie Waldman

Melanie Waldman co-starred in the award-winning short The Vanished, and holds weekly live yoga sessions on Facebook ...
Mobility Management magazine for wheelchair users, amputees, and people with disabilities.

Mobility Management: Solutions for Amputees

Amplitude managing editor Rick Bowers recently spoke to Mobility Management magazine about mobility solutions for amputees. Since we just featured ...
Double amputee Nate Denofre of Courage Incorporated

Paddling to Persevere

Double amputee Nate Denofre is canoeing the entire length of the Mississippi River to inspire people with physical impairments and ...
Parasports Pioneers Join Forces

Parasports Pioneers Join Forces

If this week's historic merger between Disabled Sports USA (DSUSA) and Adaptive Sports USA (ASUSA) caught you by surprise, you’re ...
Shaquem Griffin Schools New Grads on Adversity

Shaquem Griffin Schools New Grads on Adversity

He’s the only amputee ever selected in the National Football League draft. And on Saturday, Shaquem Griffin added his name ...
Best YouTube Channels by Amputees: Isabelle Weall

Best YouTube Channels by Amputees: Isabelle Weall

At just 16 years old, quadruple-amputee Isabelle Weall has already won two national trampoline titles and gained Internet fame as ...
Kaitlin Heatherly paraclimbing amputee

Fear of Heights

Born without her left arm below the elbow, Kaitlin Heatherly struggled with shaky confidence and low self-esteem until very recently ...