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Road to Tokyo: Melissa Stockwell Stays the Course

Melissa Stockwell was supposed to be six months into retirement from athletics by now, focused on family and business and (ideally) basking in the glow of a Tokyo gold medal. When the 2020 Games were pushed back by a year due to COVID, she briefly entertained the idea of sticking with Plan A—retiring on schedule,...


Amputee Veterans: In Their Own Words

Americans have been honoring military veterans on November 11 for 101 years. During that time, more than 10,000 U.S. service men and women have lost limbs in combat. An estimated 1,500 of those amputees were wounded during this century’s conflicts in the Middle East. You’ve seen a few of those individuals in the Paralympics, in...


US Olympic and Paralympic Museum: First Impressions

The US Olympic and Paralympic Museum was originally supposed to open back in May, about a month before the Olympic and Paralympic Trials and three months (give or take) before the Tokyo Games. For reasons we needn’t rehash, the opening got delayed and the Games got postponed. We’re still a year out from the (now)...