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The Adaptive Sports of Summer

From mountains to sea, intrepid amputees are getting active everywhere. Taking up an outdoor activity during summer can be a great way to experience improved overall health and wellness.

Team Amplitude Takes the Bronze

Team Amplitude Takes the Bronze

A huge thank you to everyone who supported Team Amplitude in the Range of Motion Project’s “We Still Climb” fundraiser last month. We finished in 3rd place among 60 entrants from around the globe, which ain’t too shabby. Together we helped ROMP get 90 percent of the way to their $30,000 fundraising goal. Special shout-outs...


First Person: Amputee Hiking, One Step at a Time

It took our friend and frequent contributor Angie Heuser slightly more than a year post-amputation to get back out on the hiking trail. As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, Angie has hardly been idle—she learned how to surf less than a year after her surgery, ran a 10K race right around the time of her first ampuversary,...