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Sweet Surprises of Social Distancing

by Alexandra Capellini I ended the call as we said “Good night” and checked my phone’s log: We’d been talking for an hour and 35 minutes. Was that too long for a weeknight when I had homework to finish and lab the next morning? It didn’t seem to matter. We had a lot to cover....

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First Person: Top Tips for Avoiding Rock Bottom

by Alexandra Boutté Have you ever felt like the few strings that hold you together have started to unravel like an old sweater, leaving nothing but a pile of worn-out yarn behind? Have the shiny thoughts that used to light your way out of the darkness become dull and indistinguishable? It might be time to ask...


How Parenting Increased My Confidence as an Amputee

by ShaTavia Godbolt A few years ago I read an article in Amplitude that said: “For people who lose their limbs later in life, it can be difficult to experience a life-threatening, traumatic experience and then learn to live without something they once had. Not only do they have to learn to mentally cope, but they also have...


1st Person: Amputee surfing

This story comes to us from Angie Heuser, a LAKA from Phoenix. Within months of her operation, she resumed running; a few weeks later she took up surfing. Follow her journey at Angie Heuser rides the waves on one leg Mana is the Hawaiian word for power. The power of the wave as it takes...