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Amputee Newsmakers: May 12, 2021

A stolen prosthesis turns up in an unlikely place, a limb-different kid gets a limb-different puppy, two amputee bicycling clinics open their rolls for registration, and the rest of this week's headlines.


The Adaptive Sports of Summer

From mountains to sea, intrepid amputees are getting active everywhere. Taking up an outdoor activity during summer can be a great way to experience improved overall health and wellness.


Amputee Biking Hacks for 2020

We’ve been meaning to write about amputee cycling for a while now. It keeps popping up in the news—there was Bicycling Magazine‘s feature on Leo Rodgers last month, followed by a New York Times article about Paralympic swimmer-tured-cyclist Roderick Sewell, and then our own item about the CO > COVID marathon fundraising bike ride through...