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Ali Ingersoll helps people with disabilities enforce their insurance claims.

How to Win Your Insurance Appeal in 5 Easy Steps

Ali Ingersoll has waged war on the insurance industry so many times she’s almost starting to have fun doing it ...
Curing Phantom Pain: Two Promising PNS Solutions

Curing Phantom Pain: Two Promising PNS Solutions

Two major initiatives are underway to test the potential of PNS technology for alleviating phantom limb pain, and the early ...

National Disability Voter Registration Week

National Disability Voter Registration Week

More than 35 million disabled Americans are eligible to vote, and the campaign to get everyone to the polls starts ...
Monty Stratton amputee baseball player

Monty Stratton: The Best Amputee Ballplayer You’ve Never Heard Of

Monty Stratton may not have been the best amputee baseball player ever, but he's the only one who was ever ...
Celebrate ADA 30 and raise money for amputees. Range of Motion Project amputee fundraiser on July 26.

Join the Movement to Help Amputees in Need

When we have an opportunity to make an impact in our own communities, amputees usually come together to assist those ...
CBDs or medical marijuana may help control amputee pain

CBDs and Amputees: A User’s Guide

A lot of amputees swear by CBDs. Can they help you manage pain? The science is still sketchy, so here ...

Amputee Filmmaker Debuts Down Under

Amputee Filmmaker Debuts Down Under

Adam Bowes first made a name for himself a couple of years ago with his bitingly funny (and mildly profane) ...
TED Talk amputee

Amputee TEDx Talks You Probably Missed

More than 100 amputees have given TEDx Talks over the years, but it's impossible to keep track of them all ...
amputee model Jess Quinn

Four Up-and-Coming Amputee Models

Experts predict the adaptive fashion market will reach $400 billion in annual sales by mid-decade. Meet four amputee models who ...
Pedaling Through the Pandemic

Pedaling Through the Pandemic

Congrats to the team of paratriathletes who kicked off National Triathlon Week by cycling across Colorado’s deserts, peaks and plains ...

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