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Grants Will Support Disabled Veterans in Adaptive Sports

Secretary of Veterans Affairs (VA) Robert A. McDonald announced the award of approximately $8 million in grants to provide adaptive sports opportunities for disabled veterans and disabled service members of the Armed Forces. Adaptive sports are those sports that have been created or modified for people with disabilities.

“Partnering with national, regional, and community-based nonprofit organizations allows VA to provide rehabilitative adaptive sports opportunities to our disabled veterans and service members all across the country,” said McDonald. “Disabled veterans who participate in adaptive sports improve their health and quality of life, make new friendships, and discover that physical rehabilitation healing comes in many forms and can also be great fun.”

The new program provides grants to eligible entities to plan, develop, manage, and implement these programs. Funding may be used for such things as training, program development, recreation therapists, coaches, sports equipment, supplies, program evaluation, and other activities related to program implementation and operation.

The grants will be distributed to 69 national, regional, and community programs serving all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and American Samoa. Approximately 10,000 veterans and service members are expected to benefit.

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