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VA Unveils New Grant Program to Provide Adaptive Sports

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced the availability of up to $8 million in grant funding to provide adaptive sports opportunities for disabled veterans. The Adaptive Sports Grant (ASG) Program will provide funding as part of the Adaptive Sports Programs for Disabled Veterans and Members of the Armed Forces. This grant will allow organizations to increase and expand the quantity and quality of adaptive sport activities for disabled veterans and current service members in their communities. The grant will also support more advanced Paralympic and adaptive sport programs at the regional and national levels. The deadline for submitting grant proposals is August 11.

An organization eligible for ASG Program funding is defined as “an entity with significant experience in managing a large-scale adaptive sports program.” Eligible entities include national Paralympic committees, national governing bodies, parks and recreation divisions, colleges and universities, veterans service organizations, Paralympic sport clubs and other Paralympic and adaptive sport organizations, and nonprofit organizations.

The following adaptive sport activities are authorized under the ASG Program:

  • Instruction, participation, and competition in adaptive sports.
  • Training and technical assistance to program administrators, coaches, recreation therapists, instructors, VA employees, and other appropriate individuals.
  • Coordination, Paralympic classification of athletes, athlete assessment, sport-specific training techniques, program development (including programs at the local level), sports equipment, supplies, program evaluation, and other activities related to the implementation and operation of the program.

The amount of grant funding awarded to each eligible organization will vary per calendar year, and organizations may apply for more than one ASG Program grant. To view the program details, visit the Grant Program tab of the VA’s website.

For more information, contact Michael Welch, Paralympic Program Specialist, at 202.632.7136 or [email protected]. To request information about future ASG grants, e-mail [email protected]