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VA of Western New York Renovates Prosthetics Facility

Posted June 19, 2014

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) of Western New York Healthcare System, Buffalo, held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on June 12 for its newly renovated Prosthetics and Sensory Aids Service department. As part of the renovation, space was added to the prosthetics lab and waiting room, and the department now has more patient exam rooms and a drive-up area for staff to bring prosthetic devices and equipment to the patient’s vehicle, as reported by radio station WBFO.

“We’re able to see prosthetic patients as walk-in patients so that when that they’re seen by other healthcare providers, such as vascular surgeons, they’re able to come right down and be seen and fit and get this process started. Because of the renovation, we’re able to use CAD/CAM technology and scanning technology, which rapidly increases the efficiency of our services we provide,” Eileen Beck, CPO, the department’s chief of prosthetics was quoted as saying.

Beck also told the station that the increased capacity will allow them to increase patient privacy and better meet the needs of veterans with amputations. “It’s really important for veterans to know we now have the capacity to handle all of their needs. In the past, we may have not had maybe the technology that we do now. So it’s really important for them to know that they can come to the VA, that it’s not an archaic system, and that we do have the capacity to address needs both with the higher technology and also the efficiency of care is there,” she said.