An occasional series about our favorite Instagram follows.

Who he is: BAKA, lost both legs to an IED in Afghanistan while serving in the British army

What he does: On a quest to summit the highest peak on all 7 continents, while raising money for charity in the bargain. He bagged Mt. Blanc (Europe) last summer and Kilimanjaro (Africa) in January of this year. Next in his sights: Aconcagua (South America), at 22,837 feet.

Why we followed: This dude works so hard. In the gym, on the trail, in the workshop . . . . seems like he never runs completely out of energy. He posts frequently. He writes thoughtful captions that stick with us. And whoever shoots his images does a wonderful job. The pictures are gorgeous.

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In his own words:

  • April 6: “We are all walking an unprecedented path right now, and it is essential that we accept the situation, learn how we can adapt to the situation and work towards the outcome we desire. Observe. Learn. Adjust. Action.”
  • March 27: “I regularly like to keep one eye on perspective. A while ago, I had to hop around on one leg; now I don’t. I can walk around on two. Some people don’t have the opportunities I have. I am grateful because it could always be worse. In times like these, we are tested. Through testing times, we grow. What will you do to improve in these times of ’Test’?”
  • March 24: “Serving in the military has taught me many lessons, and the teachings of that experience continue to follow me to this day. Resilience is something that is demanded from you when you serve; particularly in a frontline role. Having gone through those past regular hardships is now serving me well in these present times of uncertainty and fear. We have been instilled with the ability to adapt to most situations, and I intend to use this skill moving forward. Get into a routine and hold fast.”
  • March 14: “I have learnt so much about myself through pain and hardship. . . . . The mountains continue to teach me valuable lessons and I will keep positioning myself there to learn as much as I can. Falling down is just part of the process, and failure is part of this journey through our short lives. I want to keep failing as long as I live.”