Training For Surgery Could Save You Time And Money

Before surgery, even minor adjustments to diet, exercise, and mental health could help people go home from the hospital sooner, according to a study by Michael Englesbe, MD; Stewart Wang, MD, PhD, FACS; and others. The study, published in Surgery, found that basic fitness and wellness coaching, administered in advance, may reduce a surgical patient’s average hospital stay two days and cut medical costs 30 percent.

The researchers say such measures should be just as crucial as others that are addressed in the admittance process.

The study marks the third time Englesbe and Wang have examined the idea of athletic training applied to surgical preparation, which they call “prehab.” Hospitalization times and cost savings were consistent among the analyses.

Each review fol-lowed the Michigan Surgical and Health Optimization Program (MSHOP), an initiative aimed at helping patients target and strengthen weaknesses before surgery. A web-based risk assessment tool using a person’s existing data enables shared decision-making between the patient and physician and helps identify patients who will best benefit from MSHOP.

Elements of the program include improving diet, reducing stress, breathing exercises, smoking cessation, and, most crucial, an emphasis on light physical activity.

Program facilitators crafted reminders with positive, natural-sounding language to make them personal and more effective.

That way, “the patient feels like someone is actually paying attention to them,” said June Sullivan, MSHOP’s technology director.

“And, they respond with things like ‘This is a great program’ or ‘Sorry I didn’t do well today—I’ll try harder.’”

This article was adapted from information provided by Michigan Medicine – University of Michigan. Icons:

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