The Bionic Bunch Volume 1: Mayhem at the Toronto Fair

By Kyanne Stennett

Illustrated by Romont Willy

Children with disabilities struggle to find books that feature characters that look like them in the roles they love. Released in May, Mayhem at the Toronto Fair is the first book in an action-packed series showcasing superheroes with disabilities focused on dealing with bullies, disability awareness, and practicing empathy and inclusive behavior.

Images courtesy of Kyanne Stennett.

The book is about an amputee boy, Finn Pain, who is bullied for looking different. Finn has always dreamed of becoming a superhero and joining the Bionic Bunch, a team of best friends super-powered by their orthotic and prosthetic devices who protect Toronto. The team has six members, each with a different disability or condition—Element (congenital amputee), Angel (scoliosis), Velocity (traumatic amputee), Psy-ke (epilepsy), IQ (spina bifida), and Stryke (limb loss by cancer).

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