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Speaking Boldly

Speaking Boldly
Caiti Riley


After hiding my prosthesis due to body image insecurities for most of my life, I decided it was time to get over it and be true to myself. I knew the only way I’d really put myself out there and stick with it was if I was inspiring others to do the same in the process. This is what sparked the idea for ampuTeez, an apparel company I started with the mission of boosting confidence in amputees and raising awareness for the amputee community and others wishing to celebrate what makes them unique.

While we have produced shirt designs for amputees only, such as No Legs, No Problem and One-Armed & Wonderful, we have also created designs that can be worn by anyone. Some of our favorites are Normal is Boring, Perfectly Flawed, and Still Standing. Our newest designs, Modern Day Pirate and Different is the New Normal, are also growing in popularity.

It is extremely rewarding to receive feedback from customers and social media followers with appreciation for inspiring them to wear shorts, exercise, or be more confident with their situation. ampuTeez not only hopes to continue to motivate people to proudly embrace their differences but also to make the word amputee much more recognizable. Eventually, we would like to support organizations and amputees even more than we do now, encouraging amputees to be physically active, confident, and involved.

— WORDS Caiti Riley

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Caiti Riley

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