What Holiday Gifts Do Amputees Have on Their Wish Lists?

What presents would you like to unbox this holiday season? We asked Amplitude readers to send in ideas. Here are the gifts that showed up most often on your wish lists.


This has been a banner year for zipper-equipped, easy-access amputee fashions. Our readers suggested Uniteable’s Magnolia Pant (1), Amp Pant jeans from No Limbits, and the versatile amputee collections from Reboundwear (2) and Buck & Buck.


The Alinker (3) is a nonmotorized walking-bike that supports independence and ease of movement. “It’s not a medical device, it’s a lifestyle tool,” raves Forbes. If you can’t afford to purchase outright, try the company’s rent-to-own or crowdfunding options.


Custom Adaptive Clothing’s inclusive neckties for upper-limb amputees use Velcro fasteners to create functional, attractive fashions. Clipondra has added clip-on belts to its line of adaptive jewelry. And TRS’s Amp-U-Pod (4) facilitates one-handed photography.


Several of our readers swear by Ithrivex’s all-natural anti-friction cream (5). Formulated specifically for prosthesis wearers, it combats blisters, rashes, and chafing. Use the regular formula for everyday use, the extreme for running/ hiking/climbing.


Evolv’s Eldo Z (6) is the first rock-climbing shoe designed specifically for prosthesis-wearing climbers. If you’re running, weightlifting, or doing yoga with a prosthesis, Curves N Combat Boots’ amputee leggings combine comfortable fit with reinforced fabric.

Left images, top to bottom: Uniteable.com, reboundwear.com, thealinker.com, customadaptiveclothing.com. Right images, top to bottom: trsprosthetics.com, ithrivex.com, evolvsports.com, crvsapparel.com.

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