Enhancing The Durability Of Your Locking/Quick-Change Wrist Unit

Although locking/quick-change wrist units are highly beneficial to upper-limb prosthesis wearers, the devices are easily damaged and may need to be repaired or replaced often, says C. Rodney James, PhD.

Frustrated by this problem with his own wrist unit, James became determined to solve it. His initial goal was to replace the pin lock on the Pope wrist unit with a full-circular system based on a spline linkage akin to that used in a tractor’s power-takeoff, although the spline idea was dropped to retain the Pope adapter. Working in consultation with his prosthetist, custom toothed sockets were manufactured using James’ designs. After experimenting with several modifications, James finally came up with a solution that he calls “a qualified success.” While he says the toothed socket he developed “did not last for the hoped-for several years, …it held up for 18 months of punishing activity.”

If you are having problems with your locking/quick-change wrist unit because you have a physically demanding job or hobby or would like to improve the unit’s durability, visit https://opedge.com/Articles/ViewArticle/2017-04-06/2017-04_07 to learn about James’ solution.

(Editor’s note: This is not intended as professional advice. Always consult with your prosthetist regarding any changes or modifications to
your prosthesis.)

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