Best Holiday Gifts for Amputees in 2022

Gift-giving season already? As usual, we’re not prepared. So we sent our annual flurry of panicked emails to trusted friends in the limb-loss community, seeking some bright ideas for our shopping list. Here’s some of the best stuff we heard about.

Steve Madden Kids’ Adaptive Shoes

These easy-on/easy-off shoes help youngsters fit in and get noticed for their fashion sense, not for their limb difference. $40-$70

Etac Fix One-handed Cutting Board

“Cutting board” doesn’t do justice to this versatile device. In addition to slicing bread, peeling veggies, and dicing cheese, the Etac helps you pry open containers and reseal them after use. $80


Developed by military veterans, this device enables people with upper-limb difference to easily, independently operate computers, tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles, consumer electronics, and other chip-enabled appliances. $990

Ross Liner Sanitizer

Newly available in the US, this sleek machine sanitizes your prosthetic liner, removing bacteria, odors, and other nuisances. Improves hygiene, residual-limb health, and quality of life. $799

The Krutch

Specifically designed for below-knee amputees, this hands-free mobility aid offers an American-made alternative to the iWalk. Rugged, portable, and sporty, it’s suitable for the beach, the trail, or the nightclub. $499

Bambusi Shower Bench

Instead of parking your tush on a plastic-and-steel hospital-style shower chair, give yourself a spa-like bathing experience on a bamboo throne that’s comfortable, functional, and eco-friendly. $69

Foldawheel Pocket Cane

This portable item collapses to 14″, expands up to 37″, and stores your preferred length via memory settings. $39

Polaroid Now

In addition to being slim and lightweight, this point-and-shoot has a hassle-free shutter mechanism, auto-focusing lens, and user-friendly light-adjustment feature. It all adds up to an ideal camera for one-handed photographers. $119

Liberare Inclusive Lingerie

Old-school adaptive underwear was merely functional. Then came fashionable lingerie with built-in adaptive features. And now there’s Liberare, which bills itself as functional, fashionable, and downright sexy. $25-$60

First Step Amputee Strength Program

Ideal for newcomers to strength and fitness training, this 12-week program provides structure, builds confidence, promotes recovery between workouts, and keeps you motivated. Designed by amputee veteran Sam Schaefer. $25

Inflamade CBD Products

Though science hasn’t definitively proven CBDs’ benefits, lots of amputees rely on them to alleviate pain, promote sleep, and support overall well-being. Inflamade’s formulas are gentle, fragrant, all-natural, and relatively affordable. $60-$180

Cormoran Strike: The Ink Black Heart

The latest adventure featuring Britain’s most formidable amputee PI runs to more than 1,000 pages. Even so, author Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling) leaves readers hungry for more. $30

Images: Steve Madden, Etac, 6Degrees, Bambusi, CleanWithRoss,, Schaefer Adaptive, Foldawheel, Polaroid, Liberare, Sphere Books, Inflamade.

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