For Amputees, UNYQ Foot Holds Heeling Power

Courtesy UNYQ

Just in time for open-toed-shoe season, here’s a stylish new line of 3D-printed prosthetic feet from UNYQ, a pioneer in the design of stylish prosthetic covers.

Dubbed the UNYQ Foot, the new component is intended to meet the demand for versatile, aesthetically appealing prosthetic feet that function well with a wide selection of footwear. It was unveiled this spring at OT World, the largest annual international trade show for the prosthetics industry. 

UNYQ Foot is the result of a partnership between UNYQ and the VA’s Minneapolis Adaptive Design & Engineering (MADE) program. It builds on the VA’s research among US amputee veterans, who have expressed interest—especially among women—in prosthetic feet that can be adjusted to fit varying shoe styles, heel heights, and fashion sensibilities. MADE developed the foot-ankle system and licensed the technology to UNYQ for commercial manufacture.

“This system will lead to improvements in body image, participation, and quality of life in women and men with amputations by allowing them more freedom in their choice of footwear,” says Dr. Andrew Hansen, the director of MADE. “I have enjoyed our collaboration with UNYQ to bring this novel technology to market for veterans and others with amputations.”

“This project is an exciting development when it comes to removing limitations with current prosthetic feet available to amputees,” adds Eythor Bender, UNYQ’s CEO and co-founder. “Current prosthetic feet are generally static and stale and do not allow any customization in terms of the footwear and style, leading to frustration among users.”

The UNYQ Foot is expected to be available for purchase before the end of 2022. For more information, visit

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