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Affordable SMART Hands

Read more about a newly developed prosthetic hand, how it works, and its expected cost.

If approved by the FDA, this lower-cost smart hand could be available this year.

New Year’s Inspiration

Don’t miss these two videos, which offer a healthy dose of inspiration:

Blake Leeper, Athlete Extraordinaire

After doctors told him that he would never walk, this young man rose to become one of the top runners in the world. Watch the story of his road to stardom.

Willpower Is an Amazing Thing

Watch a young bilateral leg amputee go from a wheelchair to walking on crutches. This man will not be prevented from walking.

Another First for Amputees

Scott Levy/

Born without a left hand, Sydney Mesher is the first dancer with a visible disability to become a Radio City Music Hall Rockette.

VR for Pain

See what the research says about virtual reality and what’s next for this exciting development.

Could this technology help reduce the problem of opioid addiction and abuse?

Support for the Paralympics

Find out which 29 Para sports programs got grants from the Agitos Foundation.

In 2019, several grants were given to increase the number of female participants in Para sports and to offer opportunities to refugees and internally displaced people.

Also, learn more about the Agitos Foundation and how it helps change lives through developing sports activities for people with disabilities.
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