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Adaptive Skate Coloring Book

Adaptive Skate Coloring Book

Written and illustrated by Daniel Edmondson

Produced by an amputee, this 30-page coloring book features adaptive and non-adaptive skateboarders and skateboarding scenes. The illustrator is a professional adaptive skateboarder who volunteers in his community by hosting adaptive skate clinics and raising awareness of the sport.

Edmondson turned to drawing as a coping mechanism when he was recovering from the amputation of both his legs during a Minnesota winter. Today, he is an advocate for art therapy programs, which he believes can help amputees deal with the loss of a limb. He encourages coloring outside the lines.

For more information, visit www.facebook.com/adaptiveskatecoloringbook and www.mascotbooks.com, and type Edmondson in the search bar.


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