There have been amputees listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for many years. But left above-knee amputee Dareen Barbar is the first ever to gain inclusion via Guinness’s new adaptive section. Formally known as the “Impairment Records Initiative” (an unfortunate designation, which we believe should be reworded), this new domain of firsts, bests, and superlatives is meant to spotlight individuals who may previously have felt shut out from the ranks of the record-holders because of limb difference or another disability.

Barbar, a Lebanese athlete who lives in Dubai, inscribed her name on Guinness’s scrolls for maintaining a Samson’s chair position (also called a static chair squat) for 2 minutes, 8.24 seconds. That’s a lot harder to do than it sounds. You can watch the feat on YouTube. Learn more about Barbar on Instagram.

Elsewhere in the news:

We’re not sure what to think about the new hypothesis that axolotls can help us unlock humans’ hidden potential for limb regeneration. Maybe it’s because we’re not sure what axolotls are. . . . .

Who can an amputee dog count on for financial support? The world’s most talented dog artists, of course. More than 15 canine canvasmakers donated original works to raise money for the Tripawds Foundation, which helps three-limbed pets. The auction runs through Friday; see the works and place your bids here.

Congratulations to above-knee amputee Dana Lawson, aka HoppyHikerPNW, who completed the North Peninsula Discovery marathon over the weekend. She ran the entire 26.2-mile race on crutches.

Amputee filmmaker Rachel Handler tells Forbes how the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge is changing perceptions and launching careers (including hers).

Prosthesis lost-and-found dept.: Good Samaritan divers retrieved a limb from the bed of the American River outside Sacramento. Facebook took over from there, and the rightful owner was back in the socket within a week.

When he’s not fitting prosthetic devices and providing limb care, New Jersey prosthetist Eric Krause operates Groovy Graveyard, one of the best pop-culture collectibles shops on the East Coast.

Investors are starting to pay attention to a Michigan startup that has invented a therapeutic boot to improve lower-extremity circulation, promote healing of foot ulcers, and ultimately prevent leg amputations.

If you’re planning to fly anywhere with your wheelchair this summer, maybe think twice: A study found that airlines damage or lose 29 wheelchairs every day. That adds up to a whopping 15,000 dinged-up chairs in the last 2+ years.