This Week’s Podcasts
The AmpuTO Show interviews Canadian stage sage David Connolly, who’s hard at work producing an all-amputee music video to raise money for the WarAmps of Canada’s Children’s Amputee Program. The Active Amputee’s October episode features adaptive athlete Michael-Robbert Brans, while a Daily Dose of Orange Juice has a two-part series on prosthetic feet. And a new podcast, Adaptive Collaborative, airs live every Tuesday at 8 p.m. Eastern. Check out their Facebook page for info on upcoming programs and a link to hear the show.

Amputee Awareness Week in Australia
Limbs4Life is celebrating limb difference down under with National Amputee Awareness Week. This year’s theme is Shining a Light on Amputees, and landmarks across the country will be illuminated in green this week to mark the occasion. Check out the festivities on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram via hashtags #NAAW20, #ShineALightOnAmputees, and #nationalamputeeawarenessweek.

Virtual Victories
The Range of Motion Project’s virtual Cotopaxi climbers piled up more than 20,000 feet of vertical on September 25-27, and stalwart hikers in the Amplitude community gained a lot of that elevation—check out summit shots from Angie Heuser, Colton Carlson, Bjoern Eser, and Matt Meredith. The project has raised $60K and counting; here’s how you can support the cause. Not to be outdone, Forrest Stump pulled off its virtual cross-country race this past weekend, covering nearly 3,000 miles from Seattle to D.C. in a single day. Read through the runners’ posts on Instagram and Twitter at #WeJustFeltLikeRunning.

Take the Survey
The University of Maryland is seeking subjects to test a new fitness app for amputees; if you’re between 18 and 45 years old, have a single-limb amputation, and want to learn some exercise techniques designed specifically for people with limb loss, step right up. And Touro College is still seeking participants for a survey about the impact of COVID on physical fitness.

Long-Lost Limbs Redux
Another day, another diver, another wayward prosthetic leg retrieved from the depths. This particular stray settled into the bed of the American River near Sacramento; courtesy of Facebook, it was restored to its owner (a longshoreman from elsewhere in California) in fairly short order. Apparently there’s another missing prosthesis still lurking down at the bottom of that stream, so keep your eyes peeled.

Award Winners
British LBKA Mark Williams won a trophy in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards for his fast-growing company Limb-Art, which manufactures eye-pleasing prosthetic covers. On this side of the Atlantic, Boston-area company NonSpec was recognized by the US Patent Office’s “Patents for Humanity” program for its unique design for affordable, adjustable prosthetic legs. NonSpec is also a finalist in the prestigious New England Innovation Awards, with a final presentation schedule for October 21.