When we completed our 2021 website content audit, one article stood apart from all the rest: Our interview with Erica Cole, the amputee entrepreneur who founded No Limbits Jeans last year. Titled “Jeans for Amputees, by an Amputee,” it was our 7th-most-clicked article last year, drawing robust traffic among committed Amplitude subscribers, casual Google searchers, and everyone in between. That readership pattern tells us loud and clear that there’s tremendous interest in amputee-friendly jeans in particular, and functional/attractive clothing for amputees more broadly.

We’re looking to gain similar insights from the 2022 Amputee Community Survey (which Amplitude is co-sponsoring with The Liner Wand), but from a more scientific angle. You can fill out the survey in just 10 minutes or so, and the data will help to educate retailers, prosthetists, fitness pros, manufacturers, PTs, pain specialists, researchers, surgeons, and everyone else in the limb-loss universe—including your eager-to-please Amplitude editors. If you haven’t added your voice to the chorus yet, here’s another friendly nudge to do so.

While we’re at it, we’ll remind you that every respondent is eligible to win prizes from our co-sponsors, including some No Limbits jeans. Engagement has been fantastic so far; this year’s survey already has drawn more responses than last year’s, and it will be open for another four(ish) weeks. Here’s the link to the survey. For more information about No Limbits, visit the company’s website at no-limbits.com.