Father Soldier Son amputee movie

5 New Movies About Amputees

As you might have read in Amplitude's current issue, 2019 marked an all-time high for movies featuring lead characters who ...
lost prosthetic leg

Prosthesis Lost and Found: Believe It or Not

When your prosthesis sinks to the bottom of a lake, river, or ocean, it's unlikely you'll ever see it again ...

Ben Lovell Amp Camp Tenerife

Amp Camp: Two Tickets to Paradise

Fast forward to the spring of 2021. You're taking the sun on a tropical beach at a luxury resort, winding ...


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Amputee Filmmaker Debuts Down Under

Amputee Filmmaker Debuts Down Under

Adam Bowes first made a name for himself a couple of years ago with his bitingly funny (and mildly profane) ...
TED Talk amputee

Amputee TEDx Talks You Probably Missed

More than 100 amputees have given TEDx Talks over the years, but it's impossible to keep track of them all ...
amputee model Jess Quinn

Four Up-and-Coming Amputee Models

Experts predict the adaptive fashion market will reach $400 billion in annual sales by mid-decade. Meet four amputee models who ...
Pedaling Through the Pandemic

Pedaling Through the Pandemic

Congrats to the team of paratriathletes who kicked off National Triathlon Week by cycling across Colorado’s deserts, peaks and plains ...
Sunshine Puts the Heat on the Insurance Biz

Sunshine Puts the Heat on the Insurance Biz

Alexandra Boutté is bright and warm despite having survived a cancer recurrence and a right above-knee amputation within the last ...
Proud to Be a Paralympian

Proud to Be a Paralympian

Below-knee amputee Nichole Millage has won a gold medal and two silvers in her three previous trips to the Paralympics ...
peripheral artery disease PAD is a leading cause of amputation

PAD: Hiding in Plain Sight

Many people associate peripheral arterial disease (PAD) with diabetes. But you don’t need to have diabetes to develop PAD, and ...
amputee news

Summer Reading Roundup

We’re constantly hearing great amputee stories—way more than we have the capacity to chase down, write up, and share in ...