Five Ways to Reduce Anxiety During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Worrying about catching an infectious disease can be stressful. Nathaniel Van Kirk, PhD; Kathryn D. Boger, PhD, ABPP; and Marni J. Chanoff, ...

CAF Distributes Record Number of Grants in 2020

The Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) announced a record-breaking 3,921 individual grants were awarded to athletes worldwide—making it the largest grant ...

Instagram Amputees: Justin Oliver Davis

Instagram Amputees: Justin Oliver Davis

This dude works so hard. Seems like he never runs completely out of energy. He posts regularly. He writes thoughtful ...


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This practical guide for preparing for, adapting to, and living with limb loss provides current, in-depth information about:

  • Healthcare team selection
  • Postoperative care
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Emotional adjustment
  • Pain management
  • Peer support
  • Adaptations for home and work
  • Prosthetic devices, fitting, and adjustments


Children Frequently Receive Unnecessary Medical Care Regardless of Insurance Type

Children with public insurance are slightly more likely to receive medical services that they don’t need than those with private ...

AARP and AARP Foundation Urge Supreme Court to Accept Review of Affordable Care Act Case

AARP and AARP Foundation filed an amicus brief on January 15 urging the Supreme Court of the United States to ...

3D-printed Myoelectric Prosthetic Arm for Toddlers Prototyped

A prototype for the first 3D-printed, sensor-operated prosthetic arm designed for children under 2 years old has been developed by ...

New Insulin Compound Could Improve Therapy

In a promising discovery that could improve the clinical delivery of insulin for people with diabetes, scientists have developed a ...


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