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Great Expectations: The Biggest Trends Affecting Amputees in 2022

Last January, Amplitude shared a set of expectations for amputees in 2021.  They weren’t predictions, per se; more like educated guesses about various cultural, technological, and political trends. How do those trendlines look today, 12 months down the road? And what do we expect for 2022? Here’s a look back and a peek ahead. Portals...


Apple TV Seeks Amputee for “Little America” Role

Want to break into acting? A prestigious Apple TV series called Little America is currently holding auditions for an amputee character in a speaking role. No previous acting experience is required. The character, named Ciella, is described as being between the ages of 15 and 29. She’s a Central American immigrant who has lost her...


Reconstructing a Lost Amputee World

If you enjoyed the article in our current issue about amputee naval officers in the 19th-century British Navy, here’s good news: The book on which the article is based is now available. It’s called Lame Captains and Left-Handed Admirals: Amputee Officers in Nelson’s Navy, and you can get it direct from the publisher or from...

Zyra Gorecki Gets Tossed Into the Deep End in “La Brea”

Zyra Gorecki Gets Tossed Into the Deep End in “La Brea”

NBC’s new series La Brea tackles limb loss within the first 30 seconds of Episode 1. The intro music is still fading out when a teenage character named Josh asks his sister, Izzy: “You’re single-, not multi-axis, right?” She’s a below-knee amputee, and he’s cynically using her disability as the theme of his college essay,...