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Proud to Be a Paralympian

Proud to Be a Paralympian

Below-knee amputee Nichole Millage has won a gold medal and two silvers in her three previous trips to the Paralympics. The 2021 Tokyo Games ...
Inside Paralympians' Quest for Equality

Inside Paralympians’ Quest for Equality

After finally breaking through to win Paralympic gold in 2016, Katie Holloway was beyond stoked. She and her teammates on the U.S. women’s sitting ...

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About Paralympic Sitting Volleyball

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Volleyball Athletes

Athlete UrlSports UrlAthlete Amp TypeAthlete Medalspl-categs_hfilter
Benjamin AmanVolleyballLower8th Placevolleyball
Stephen BrackenVolleyballLower1 Silvervolleyball
Monique BurklandVolleyballLower1 Gold 1 Silvervolleyball
Nicholas DadgostarVolleyballLower1 Silvervolleyball
Eric DudaVolleyballupper1 Silvervolleyball
Tia EdwardsVolleyballuppervolleyball
Heather EricksonVolleyballlowervolleyball
Roderick GreenVolleyballlower8th Placevolleyball
Annie FloodVolleyballlower1 Goldvolleyball

Katie Holloway

John KremerVolleyballLower1 Silvervolleyball
J. Dee MarinkoVolleyballLower8th Placevolleyball

Nichole Millage

VolleyballLower1 Goldvolleyball
Kari MillerVolleyballLower1 Goldvolleyball
Dan ReganVolleyballLowervolleyball
Travis David RicksVolleyballLowervolleyball
Sydney SatchellVolleyballLowervolleyball
Jese SchagVolleyballLowervolleyball
Michelle SchifflerVolleyballUppervolleyball
Chris SeilkopVolleyballLowervolleyball
Alexis ShifflettVolleyballLowervolleyball
Josh SmithVolleyballLowervolleyball
James StuckVolleyballLowervolleyball
Samuel SurowiecVolleyballLowervolleyball
Charlie SwearingenVolleyballLowervolleyball
Lora WebsterVolleyballLimbDiffvolleyball
Bethany ZummoVolleyballLowervolleyball