Connor Stroud

Connor Stroud

The Backstory:
Tennis fans have known about Stroud for nearly a decade. He’s been making his way up the junior ranks since 2013, turning heads for his precocious play and his determination to excel. He became the nation’s top-ranked junior player in 2015 and anchored three junior World Cup-winning US teams from 2015 through 2017. By the time Stroud exited juniors play, he was ranked number 2 in the world. The Tokyo Games will be his first appearance in the Paralympics.

Away from the court:
Stroud was born with proximal femoral focal deficiency (PFFD). His tennis idol is Rafael Nadal.

In their own words:
“You grow up quick on the tennis court when you’re all alone out there. You have to realize that you’re the one out there and you have to do things to stay in there.”

It gives you confidence in knowing that you had success at the junior level. I think it’s just good to get more familiar with all these players and how high their game-level is and just to play against them and learn from them.”

“It’s an honor to inspire people, and just that I could maybe help them get through a challenge. I just hope they take the message to never give up and to just keep trying.”

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  • Sport: Tennis
  • Limb Difference: Bilateral above-knee
  • Residence: Rutherford, NC
  • College: University of Alabama
  • Previous Games: None


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