Either we’ve gotten better at social media, or y’all have gotten better at Halloween. Probably a little bit of both. Whatever the case, the upshot is that we have more than twice as many amputee costumes to share with you this year compared with last year.  The harvest on Instagram alone was so bountiful that we ran out of time / attention to check out TikTok, which is where the really crazy stuff appears (or so we are told). We’ll begin at the obvious place, with the Amputee Master of Disguise; click on any image to get a bigger / better look.


Best Josh Sundquist Amputee Halloween Costume of 2021

Sundquist hasn’t explicitly connected this costume idea to the pandemic. Nevertheless, it’s a stroke of genius to step out as a microscope during Year 2 of a global horror show that has been (and continues to be) perpetrated by a tiny virus. The degree of difficulty on this thing is off the charts. Sundquist literally trained for months in order to strike the pose depicted here, and he apparently was only able to maintain the position for about the length of one camera click.

That’s long enough for Sundquist to register yet another Halloween triumph, extending his unbeaten streak in limb-different costumery into its second decade. Get the story behind the costume at Sundquist’s Instagram page.


Best Amputee Halloween Costumes of 2021: Movie Characters

“Life is like a box of chocolates.”—Jenn Andrews as Jenny Curran.

“A man must accept his fate or be destroyed by it.”—Joe Hogan as Spartacus

“That fez and vest combo is much too 3rd century.”—Keith Parris as Aladdin

“‘Tis but a scratch . . . merely a flesh wound.”—Ken Parkinson as Monty Python’s Black Knight

Best Amputee Halloween Costumes of 2021: Yo Ho Ho

This round o’ grog’s on Steve Crawford.

Gather round, me hearties, it’s buskin’ buccaneer Austin Sparks.

Ye’d best surrender your dubloons to Jacky Hunt-Broersma.

Chris Prange-Morgan‘s out hornswagglin’ with her husband, Scott.

Best Amputee Halloween Costumes of 2021: Little Spirits

Just give Michaella Giastine a little peace. Candy optional.

Clowns to the left of me, Harmonie-Rose Allen to my right . . . here I am.

Bridget Strong‘s a winter witch for summery climes.

Best Amputee Halloween Costumes of 2021: Bad to the Bone

Katie Jednonozka nails the American Horror Story aesthetic.

Kelly Knox looks like a million bucks in a ₤5 getup.

See you at the after (-life?) party, Angel Giuffria.

The muertos, the merrier for Rebecca Legon.

Best Amputee Halloween Costumes of 2021: Witch Hunt

Elizaveta Tkachenko casts her spells all the way from Moscow.

The Blair Witch ain’t got nothing on Dana Spacewitchix.

Whatever potion Elizabeth Ping-Wild is drinking, we’ll have some.

Is that a hat or a traffic cone, Moons Monia?

Best Amputee Halloween Costumes of 2021: Ghoul’s Gallery

Hallow’s Eve with Fleur de Lis Amputee: Eat, drink, and be marionette.

Amane_1015 is just here to serve. Please tip generously.

The diabolical Bionic Sneakers schemes up some mischief.

Kassidy Prestenbach gives ’em pumpkin to talk about.

Here’s wishing you a nice doomsday, handi kip.

Ashley Young serves up some sheer terror.

A bunny thing happened to Lovell Lykaon at the recording studio . . . .

Paola Montoya, you’re a Marvel.

Best Amputee Halloween Costumes of 2021: More Yo-Ho-Hoers

Why, buckle me swash! Bernadette Hagans jumped the shark!

Who’s this hangin’ the jib at Scott Sabolich’s clinic?

Aaron Acosta makes ready to lay ’em athwart.

AJ Montgomery looks apt to hang ye from the yardarm.

Best Amputee Halloween Costumes of 2021: Fuzzy Faces

Avast, ye sea dogs. It’s Cooper!

Louie 3 Legs says crime doesn’t pay.

Feliz Halloween, Ellie.

Heeeeere’s Luna.

Luciendo bien, Barry.

Hoist the mizzen, Schultz!

Roxy saves the day.

Mojo, ye’re a landlubber.