Mike Schultz

Mike Schultz


The Backstory:
Schultz broke into professional sports as a motocross racer. A 2008 accident caused devastating injuries to his left leg, resulting in amputation above the knee. He returned to racing the following year and began dabbling in snow sports, including snowmobile racing and snowboarding. In 2010 Schultz won gold medals in both the X Games and Winter X Games, competing against able-bodied racers. He was the US flag bearer at the 2018 Winter Paralympics.

Away from the slopes:
Schultz is the founder of BioDapt, a manufacturer of high-performance sports prosthetic devices. Dozens of US Paralympians use BioDapt gear.

In their own words:
“The harder I have to work for something, the more excited and motivated I get. I love the process of training and seeing my personal progression as I work my way toward the goal. Being a professional athlete, especially an adaptive athlete, challenges both mind and body to another level.” (link)

“When I originally started looking at prosthetic components, most of them were just set up for walking. With action sports, that knee has to have resistance in it to carry your weight. It needs to absorb that and spring back. There were a couple of different sport legs available, but they didn’t have the range of motion that I needed.” (link)


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Prior Paralympics: 2018

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  • Sport: Snowboarding
  • Limb Difference: Left above knee
  • DOB: 8/27/1981
  • Residence: St. Cloud, MN
  • Classification: SB-LL1


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