Q: During the COVID-19 pandemic, if my state or city has a “Stay-At-Home” order which results in the closure of all nonessential businesses, will my prosthetist’s office be open?

A: Probably so—for now.

Under COVID-19 closures, most states and cities are considering any healthcare facility, including prosthetic practices, to be an essential business.

On March 23, the American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association (AOPA) reviewed closure orders from 11 states that recently implemented “nonessential business” closures. AOPA found that healthcare facilities were consistently categorized as “essential” services and exempt from closure. Prosthetist offices fall under the healthcare umbrella.

That said, Amplitude found that many practices are altering policies and adapting their procedures, depending on the severity of the outbreak in their specific location. Staggering patient appointments and videoconferencing are just a couple of ways your prosthetist may alter the way you normally interact with them.

Because policies can change quickly, the best advice is to call your prosthetist directly or visit their website. Most offices are making every possible effort to remain available to amputees who need their care, while also protecting their patients and office staff from the spread of coronavirus.

Updated on March 29: Prosthetics in Motion, located in New York City, announced on Sunday evening that they are closing temporarily to protect their clients from the spread of COVID-19.

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