Foundation Seeks Nominations for I’mPOSSIBLE Award

The Agitos Foundation has launched a call for nominations for the I’mPOSSIBLE Award, which will be presented at the Tokyo ...

For Blade Runners, Taller Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Faster

Before hitting the track to compete in an officially sanctioned race, some elite Paralympic sprinters must do something most runners ...

1st Person: My First 10K as an Amputee

1st Person: My First 10K as an Amputee

We got a lot of positive feedback last month on Angie Heuser's first-person story about learning to surf. So we ...


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This practical guide for preparing for, adapting to, and living with limb loss provides current, in-depth information about:

  • Healthcare team selection
  • Postoperative care
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Emotional adjustment
  • Pain management
  • Peer support
  • Adaptations for home and work
  • Prosthetic devices, fitting, and adjustments


1st Person: Amputee surfing

1st Person: Amputee surfing

This story comes to us from Angie Heuser, a LAKA from Phoenix. Within months of her operation, she resumed running; ...

Paralympics 2020: Follow Amputees to Tokyo

Throughout 2020, Amplitude will be providing ongoing coverage of U.S. amputees competing for slots on the U.S. Paralympic Team. Check ...

Family Caregivers Are Rarely Asked About Needing Assistance

Family caregivers usually are not asked by healthcare workers about needing support in managing older adults’ care, according to a ...

Below-knee Prosthesis Use Can Reduce Sound Side Knee Overloading

A group of researchers from Clinical Research & Services/Biomechanics at Ottobock in Gottingen, Germany, and Vienna, Austria, set out to ...